Advantages of Growing Using Hydroponics

A rising number of people all over the world are ditching traditional (soil-based) gardening methods and in turn taking up hydroponics, realising the many benefits in which the innovative growing method offers and reaping them completely.

growing lights

The advantages that hydroponics offers includes but isn’t limited to the following:


Simple and easy to use


Anyone can grow hydroponically, it is incredibly easy to get the hang of and even beginners are able to achieve the most amazing results!

Extended growing seasons

When growing hydroponically people do not have to rely on seasons and weather conditions, instead they can create the most beneficial growing conditions using growing lights and other equipment to grow whatever they like, whenever they like – allowing for a greater diversity of produce to be grown all year round.

No soil used

Not only does the elimination of soil mean that there is no need for digging or weeding, but this also means that there’s no chance of soil-borne diseases or pests, making gardening easier than ever before.

Amazing flavour


Hydroponically grown plants are not only renowned for their freshness and high national quantity but also their great, improved flavour.

Growth speeds

Due to the ability to create the most superior growing conditions when growing hydroponically, plants can grow up to twice as quickly – allowing for twice as much produce to be grown in the same time periods.

Takes up less space


Because when grown hydroponically plants no longer extensive root systems to search for nutrients, they can be grown in much smaller spaces, again allowing for more produce to be produced per square metre.

Suitable for growing anywhere

Hydroponic growing can take place anywhere, making it perfect for those located in areas where it is difficult to grow traditionally; Hydroponics growing can take place indoors, underwater and even is space!

No garden required


Hydroponic gardening mainly takes place indoors therefore is presents a way for people without gardens or those living in high-rise buildings to enjoy the freshest and most nutritional, home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Water conservation


Hydroponics only requires a small fraction of the water in which is needed to grow conventionally in soil, this is because water is no longer lost in the soil and instead goes straight to the plants roots, with any leftover being saved for later.



Hydroponics is now being taught in numerous schools due to the anticipation that it is going to only continue to get more popular. Because of this many children have an interest in hydroponic growing, presenting a great way for families to learn and spend time together – as well as a boost to encourage children to eat their five-a-day.

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