Air guns and the importance of target practice

Air gunning is often seen as a traditional British sport, with some people choosing to hit moving targets such as clay pigeons, whilst others opting for a more conventional shooting range. Either way, a lot of using air guns and rifles involves the processes of concentration, focus and excellent aim in order to hit a set point. The hitting of targets in this way requires the development of accuracy; and more people are calling for the skill and dedication of good air gunning to be recognised. Some people train for years in order to hit the target in the best possible ways and achieve the highest score.

Shooting target

Target practice is an area of air gunning which allows those involved to evaluate their performance and make progress. Here are some possible pointers about why it can be so beneficial:

Why target practice matters

  • Using an air gun to hit a target requires a lot of self-discipline in order to do it right. This involves processes such as developing a sturdy stance for the best shoot, maintaining aim through concentration and applying just the right amount of pressure to release the shot
  • It can even take the form of a successful sport! Take pistol shooting, for example, which countries even compete in at the Olympics
  • Target practice is a great example of an individual sport which can allow for self-development as well as being high adrenaline

Do you want to get involved?

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