An introduction to Batik

Batik is a method of making designs upon fabric. In order to do this, artists (or anyone) uses wax to prevent dye from penetrating a fabric. Dye will only work on the areas where wax isn’t present, creating great patterns. This step can then be repeated numerous times using a range of different coloured dyes to create even more intricate patterns.

Batik fabric

Batik can be completed using a whole range of waxes and dyes however it is important to use natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. Silk is slightly more difficult to use – so if you are a beginner looking to have a go for the first time, we would suggest using cotton first of all.

Batik fabric is available to purchase also for those who maybe don’t have the time or the tools to create their own. This unique and very cool fabric can be used for a range of different things, especially within homes. If you like the style of this fabric, you could perhaps use it to create curtains, bedding or cushion covers for your home.

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