An Introduction to U.S. Visas

What is a Visa?


Visas are issued by U.S. Embassy or Consulates to entitle individuals to travel to the United States and apply for admission – Visas do not guarantee entry. At the port of entry immigration officials are waiting to determine visa holder’s eligibility for admission.


There are a number of different factors that determine what types of visas people need under U.S. immigration law for example, intended purpose of travel. Visa applicants must meet a number of different requirements in order to get the most suitable visa for their needs. Those unsure regarding which visa is the most suitable are advised to speak with immigration solicitors such as James Freeman.



Who needs a Visa?


When looking to go to the U.S anyone that is not eligible to enter visa free under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) or is not a citizen on Canada or Bermuda must get a visa. Those born in the United States or holding dual citizenship with the United States MUST enter and depart America using a valid U.S. passport.


The different Visas available


For those looking to go to America there are many different visas available to choose from, and we will note again that those unsure regarding exactly what they need should speak with experts to ensure that no mistakes are made.


To make you aware however, some of the available visas include: tourism and visitor, business, temporary employment, treaty trader or treaty investor, study and exchange, diplomats and other government officials, family immigration, fiancé visas, employment, special immigrants, returning resident visas and diversity visa lottery. These are only some too.


Travel to U.S. both welcomed and encouraged


Although to enter America there are many rules and regulations, at no point should you feel that you are unwelcome or unwanted. Travel to the U.S. is both welcomed and encouraged. The following promises are therefore made to all visa applicants:


  • To be treated with dignity and respect, even when visas are unable to be granted
  • For all cases to be treated as individual and unique
  • For those interviewing applicants to be understanding of nerves
  • For things to be explained to you in detail hen asked

These are only some of the promises too!

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