Boost your internet marketing… with big data

Consumer data is increasingly crucial to making sure your business succeeds online. The amount of potential customers who access the internet means you really have to be aware of the latest trends and usage patterns; utilising this knowledge ensures a steady flow of traffic to your website.

An upcoming trend for the year?

Internet Marketing Lancashire

Particularly important in 2016 is the focus on ‘big data’ – the analytics behind internet usage, such as the location, budgets and online habits of users. This involves paying attention to platforms such as social media and also the purchase history of users. Thankfully, there are professional services such as Internet Marketing Lancashire specialists, Ranking Solutions, that can help you use big data and allow it to boost your online campaign.

The benefits of big data and how it will help your site

  • Keep track of clients – information gathered from social media is a form of big data; especially when following certain ‘groups’ which can help you target your product and services. For example, we can assume that a ‘pet care’ group on Facebook may be a more readily tentative audience for pet-related products than a group dedicated to ‘baking’, for example
  • Going further with Facebook – plus social media can not only be used to find potential clients, but can also provide more information about them! This is a recent development in the form of Facebook’s ‘Insights’; a new tool which provides a bigger range of personal information about users including information such as shopping habits, preferences etc. This is a form of big data it is important to utilise
  • SEO boost – considering big data and using it effectively can accelerate search engine optimisation too. For example, a good competitive link analysis tool can gather data before presenting it in a way that you can see current trends and adapt your strategy accordingly.

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