Can Kombucha Cure Hangovers?

A large number of people have claimed that they use the probiotic drink Kombucha to cure their hangovers. Although this is yet to be scientifically proven, there are a few things which suggest that this is a great remedy for hangovers; here are just a few hangover symptoms and how kombucha could work to help:

probiotic drink

  • Dehydration – The electrolytes in kombucha have been proven to help with dehydration
  • Headache – Studies have taken place to show that kombucha can assist in relieving headaches and migraines. The small amount of caffeine in kombucha can also have a soothing effect on headaches
  • Toxins – Kombucha can aid in recovery and detox and also often contain vitamin C which can work to give the liver a boost
  • Anxiousness – There’s conclusive evidence showing that kombucha can decrease stress and that it has anti-anxiety effects

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