General Guidelines for Moving Home in Vans

When it comes to moving house, it is vital to hire a van however these important guidelines should be remembered at absolutely all times:

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  1. Make sure that you put safety above everything else. If possible hire a van with a ramp so that you can load it more easily, and make sure that this ramp is clean, dry and covered with non-stick matting where possible.
  2. When loading make sure to distribute weight between north, east, south and west evenly, with heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.
  3. The majority of damage caused when moving is from items rubbing against one another so make sure that everything is wrapped up correctly, with no surface showing.
  4. Don’t forget, fragile and more delicate items should not only be wrapped in sheets or packed in cardboard boxes but also wrapped in additional bubble wrap or something similar.

If you are moving house sometime in the near future but are yet to hire a van, it is advised that you do so as early as possible to avoid disappointment and also to ensure that you get the best price. If you are looking for van hire Woodford services, one company which could assist you is Fair Rent, and for further information you can visit their website:

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