Get a sneak peek into spring’s lingerie trends… now!

When you are looking for some lovely underwear, it is important to consider what is in fashion and the best buy for the time. As we make our way into 2016, rather than still clinging onto the winter, you CAN get ahead of the game and take some inspiration from the anticipated springtime trends. Looking forward to spring when picking your lingerie could be the way to ensuring that you choose pieces which will help you to feel as sexy as possible, with an added element of style. Why not think about some of the following things…

What’s hot


designer underwear sets

  • Pretty in pinks – it is anticipated that spring will see resurgence in pretty pink underwear, and various shades of the colour too! Whether it’s a sweet pastel pink or a colourful coral, these are key colours which can flatter your figure and look fun too
  • A gorgeous gown – a gown is a lovely piece of lingerie, which can suit the summer and spring months very well. Often available in sheer and soft material, gowns flatter the figure whilst giving you a little bit of warmth
  • Confident with colour – perhaps it’s because of the inspiration of Valentine’s Day, but what is expected to be really big this year is having a pair of knickers in a sexy or fiery colour. This can add some interest to your underwear drawer well into the spring – so why not consider a racy red, powerful purple or bold blue?

Beautiful designs

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