Go Retro with your recreations!

2016 is set to be the year of celebrating nostalgia and including some childhood-inspired fun into your games and activities. Why? Taking a blast from the past can be a refreshing change from the high-speed, often high-pressure culture of the modern day. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy some simple pleasures and most importantly, have FUN!  Therefore, taking the time to consider some old-school ways of getting active can really be worth it. Here are just some suggestions:

Old-school enjoyment

  • Conkers! – this classic game involves getting the fruit of the horse chestnut tree, commonly known as conkers, attaching them to a string – and then battling your opponent. Caution needs to be taken of course! Gathering the conkers can even become a fun family walk; with an added challenge to find the biggest and best!
  • Skipping – some call it ‘jumprope’, others simply ‘skipping’; but whatever name you give to it… it is great fun and an easy form of exercise too. All you need to get going is a skipping rope and a bit of open space. Bring back those schoolyard memories and enjoy yourself!
  • Archery – this is an activity often the feature of class trips and weekends away; but you can take it up for yourself – as many facilities are available across the country. It is an exhilarating way of developing your poise, skill and aim
  • BB gunning – bb guns are a high-adrenaline, compact way of competing in some seriously fun sports. These include skirmishing and target practice, which have a retro feel to them

Aim high

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