Lingerie Buying Tips for Christmas

Have you always wanted to gift your other half lingerie, but never known where to start? If you have, don’t worry, Christmas presents the ultimate opportunity to buy partners erotic underwear, and today we are going to offer some great lingerie buying tips!

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Top Tips


  1. Don’t be shy to rummage through your loved ones lingerie drawer. Yes, you might feel bad routing through your partner’s underwear drawer – but this step alone could work to save you from a lot of grief. If you don’t know you partners lingerie sizes this is an absolute must, by no means should anyone try to guess their partners size this could leave them not only with ill-fitting lingerie but also feeling insulted. Instead, go through her drawers and look at the labels. If possible try and check garments that you have seen her wearing recently so that you know that they fit her currently.
  2. Consider your girlfriends style. Spend a few weeks really thinking about you partner and their lingerie decisions, noting the colours and styles in which she chooses an even paying attention to ether or not she feels comfortable in certain pieces. Does she like the simple look? Does she like a little bit of bling? These are just a couple of the things that you could ask yourself. Take your time, this could be a great opportunity to show your girlfriend how much you know her, and even shock her with you lingerie buying abilities.
  3. So what if she wears ‘Bridget Jones Knickers’? If your girlfriend wears big knickers, the chances are that she wears them because she likes them and feels comfortable wearing them. If you have never, ever seen you girlfriend wearing a tiny, lace G-string or crotchless panties, nor has she ever expressed an interest in doing so to you, this is probably because she does not want to. Big knickers don’t have to be boring either, why no consider French panties or an elegant bra and knicker set.
  4. Think outside the box. The majority of people when buying lingerie during the festive period straight away head towards the colour red, however, this doesn’t have to be the case and maybe your girlfriend would prefer lingerie in another colour. Similarly you don’t have to buy your partner lingerie with a Christmas theme, instead you could opt to purchase garments that she will be able to wear numerous times throughout the year.

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