Making Eating Vegetables More Enjoyable – A Guide for Supertasters

OK, so it is 2017 and we are all fully aware of the health benefits in which eating vegetables brings, however for some, the super-tasters among us; it isn’t quite as easy as this. Some people, often referred to as super-tasters, are extra-sensitive to the bitter taste of the chemicals found in vegetables and therefore find them difficult to enjoy. For these people, today we are going to provide some great ways to make eating vegetables more enjoyable and tasty, allowing for these people to improve their overall health without having to encounter awful, bitter tastes.

Top Tips for Super-tasters


Buy the babies – A lot of vegetables flavors intensify as they mature – therefore If you have sensitive taste buds, where possible you should try and eat baby veggies which are not as bitter and still able to provide all of the same health benefits. Not only are baby vegetables sometimes chosen over larger ones for this reason, but also because they can be tenderer and require less cooking.

Utilise hydroponics – Why not grown your own vegetables? Not only will this allow you to eat them when they are at their tastiest, and grow them to suit your taste needs exactly, but this will also allow for you to have a constant fresh supply and stop you from having to search through the vegetables isles in stores to find the babies. When growing vegetables using this method – you have ultimate control over flavor.

Use dips – In cooking, sauces and dips can be strategically used to cover up the flavors that we don’t like. In the same way, when wanting to eat raw vegetables as snacks in order to receive the health benefits and fill a hole, you should head straight for the dip isle. Hummus is an incredibly popular dip for raw veggies, however there are plenty of options available and it is all about finding the best one for you. You could even experiment with making your own dips!

Sneak them in – If after trying the above steps you still can’t handle the taste of vegetables, or if you are simply looking for another way to include vegetables in your diet, then why not try and sneak them into your meals? Soup can often be a great meal choice to sneak in the veggies – This is because the vegetables are cooked for a long period of time which typically results in flavors mellowing and becoming weaker.

If you’re a super-taster, why not share your top tips? I’m sure that other super-tasters will be incredibly grateful.

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