Moving Homes: A Step by Step Guide

Because of how much stress people can go through when moving homes, it is important to keep organised. This is because organisation is the key to success, especially when it comes to moving. There are surplus things which people have to think about for example, packing, planning, sorting paper work out and making sure that everything is going to be done on time. As many people may already know, there is nothing than coming to the day of the big move and knowing you haven’t prepared at all, this is why it was important to us, to help as much as possible and give something back, that is why we have decided to plan you a step to step guide to planning for your big day, making moving homes effortless.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Evaluate your space in your new home
  • Measuring Room and Doorways – This should be one of the first things which you should do. Why is this? Well measuring doorways and rooms can help you plan whether furniture will get through or not.

  • What is going in each room? Another thing which we advise people to think about is what exactly is going to go in each room and where it will be positioned. Therefore, by mapping out what will go where, you will have an understand if it fits OK, and if it doesn’t it gives you the opportunity to find furniture which will.

  1. Sort through your things
  • Do you want to take everything with you? It is important to go through each room and throw stuff out which you don’t think you will need. This is important as there is no point taking stuff with you which you aren’t going to use or need. Don’t clutter your new home up with old rusty things.

3. Pack up your current home

  • Make a check list – One of the first things which you need to do before packing is make a checklist. This way you can ensure that everything is   packed and you don’t leave anything behind with you.

  • Begin to pack – When you begin to pack we always advise people to start with the rooms they use the least. This way you can ensure that things which you may need running up to the moving day aren’t packed away in boxes. A handy tip which we always say for people to do is label the boxes with which rooms they belong in. For example, a box filled with living room accessories, would be simply labelled ‘living room’.

  • Protect your belongings – Make sure to protect your belongings with equipment which can benefit you. For examples removal boxes, duct tape and bubble wrap. Without these moving equipment you may struggle and even damage some belongings. Boxes 2 Move, provide a variety of high standard removal equipment for you to choose from.

  1. Unpack at your new home
  • Organise into correct rooms – When unpacking, place the labelled boxes into the chosen rooms and then when ready and prepared, simply unpack.

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