Pallet Wrapper Advantages

Instead of wrapping your pallets manually by hand, it is advised that all invest in pallet wrappers. These are advantageous for multiple reasons including but not limited to the following:

pallet wrappers

Consistency and accuracy

When manually applying shrink wrap film by hand, it is impossible to create the exact same results every time – using a machine such as a pallet wrapper totally eliminates this issue and allows for superior consistency. Products all being wrapped identically creates a professional image and ensures that consumers are likely to purchase your products. Appearance means a lot more than many think and therefore this is a great step to take.


When wrapping items and pallets by hand, many, many things can go wrong – products can be damaged and also if not wrapped tightly and securely, they can move whilst in transit. Using a machine allows for employees to wrap pallets exactly the same, and as this method is incredibly easy, training needed is minimal and time can be saved and used elsewhere.

Health and safety

When wrapping pallets manually, a lot of injuries can occur as a lot of heavy lifting and work is involved. Pallet wrappers provide a much easier alternative and in fact are able to create a safer environment for workers, with far less risks and injury/illness possibilities.


Pallet wrapping using a machine allows for products to be wrapped tighter and ensures that this is the case every time meaning that said items are likely to be much more secure during transit with minimum risk of them getting damaged.

If you are considering investing in a pallet wrapper for your business after reading this, we strongly advise you to go ahead. However there are a number of things that you need to consider, for example how often are you going to need to use your wrapper and how large are the items that you’re going to need to wrap. With both new and reconditioned pallet wrappers available for purchase, it is vital that if you are new to this kind of machinery, you talk to your local provider today who will be able to further guide and advise you.


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