Protect Your Homes – UK Burglary Hotspots Revealed

Moneysupermarket has recently analysed 1.84million home insurance quotes from over the past 5 years to determine the UK’s burglary hotspots, with the results showing that 16 of the 20 UK burglary hotspots are located in London – urging all, but especially those in the capital to consider their home security, and ensure that they are taking all of the appropriate and recommended methods to protect their belongings.

The analysed data shows that currently Ilford, East London has the highest burglary rate in the UK, while Northern Ireland had the lowest. The top 20 worst postcode districts for burglary were as followed: IG4, N20, RM6, LS5, IG5, SW14, SE21, N21, SE24, SE27, N10, CB5, UB5, BR4, M21, IG2, LS8, N11, IG6 and SE26. But people in these areas are not the only people that need to protect their homes, it is now imperative for ALL in the UK to take extra security precautions…

Burglary victims being targeted multiple times


Did you know that one in four burglary victims are targeted more than once? As if it isn’t not tragic enough for one’s home to be broke into once and their valuable items stolen, reports from Churchill Home Insurance have revealed that those that have been robbed once have a 27% of being targeted again, and an ever further 8% chance of being targeted a third or fourth time.

There are a number of reasons why a particular home by be targeted multiple times, for example if burglars are not caught and choose to go back to the same house, those living in urban areas where people come and go often making it harder to identify suspicious activity and those living in leafy suburbs where burglars can do all of their work without anyone at all seeing them.

Improve your security at your peril


8% of people whose homes have been broken into do not take any measures to improve their home security, while one in six spend less than £100 improving their security – This is not good enough! We should all ensure that we are protecting our homes and precious belongings as thoroughly as possible, not only ensuring that all windows, doors and locks are in the most efficient and effective conditions but also considering extra security means such as home safes and CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras can work as a deterrent to burglars and thieves – often putting them off breaking into a home and leaving them moving on to the next house/victim.

What security measure do you have in place?

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