Road trip tips

If you are looking for a fun, flexible and cost-effective vacation – you should definitely consider that of a road trip! To road trip, all that you need is friends, a car full of gas and a bit of money as opposed to the long list of things other vacations require including plane tickets, visas and detailed itineraries. However, if you are thinking about going on a road trip, there are of course a few things that you should consider including:

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  • Don’t try and schedule things exactly. Sometimes stretches of road take longer to complete than originally anticipated, and others you will complete more quickly than you first thought. Also make sure that you have more time than you think you will need, so that if you see a lovely place along your way – you can stop off and explore!
  • If you are using your own car, before setting off make sure that you complete a thorough check, so that you can avoid any mishaps along your way. One provider, offering brass hose tail clamps, valves and more is The Hosemaster.
  • Make sure that you take an old-school map with you. Yes, Google Maps is great but if something happens to your phone or device, you will need a map a paper copy as backup. You can also draw on your map and trace your route – this will provide you with a wonderful keepsake.
  • Only take what you need. You are best packing light so that you can pick up goodies on your trip to bring back with you.
  • Update your friends and family back home when you get to a new destination and let them know where you are going so that if anything was to happen your family will at least have a starting point. It is better to be safe than sorry.

We hope that these tips have got you in the mood for your trip, but most of all – it is important that you have the time of your life and enjoy!



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