School Trips Abroad – Supporting the Emotional Growth of Children and Teenagers

Teachers are in the majority of cases incredibly passionate about their jobs, often referring to their students as their ‘kids’, making it their job not only to help them grow inside the classroom but also outside. In line with this it is common for teachers to want to provide their students with new experiences, such as school trips and sports tours abroad. Of course travelling in a school group is far different from a family vacation; however in many cases these trips can provide a far greater experience, allowing children and teenagers to grow both socially and emotionally.

Here are just three of reasons why school trips can enable students to grow emotionally:

Building Confidence in Knowledge and Abilities


  • Going on a school trip, especially one abroad, can take a great amount of courage – taking children and teenagers out of their comfort zones and placing them in completely new situations. This can enable their confidence levels to shoot up immensely, and provide them with much needed confidence in future situations, allowing them to continue in life able to deal with new experiences and scenarios much better than before.
  • Learning does not always have to take place in the classroom, and taking children on a school trip can allow for them to put their lessons into practice – using what they’ve previously learned to deal with real-life situations. This s a great way to show children that there’s more than one way to learn things and that they’re knowledge can be applied in a plethora of ways.


Sharing Experiences and Creating Memories and Bonds


  • There is absolutely no doubting that one of the greatest benefits of school trips abroad is that classmates get to travel together – allowing them to create great bonds and build friendships. Friendships are important, not only for social reasons and enjoyment, but also because they can help to enhance confidence, consideration, compromising skills and more.
  • Not only do these trips allow for classmates to build greater bonds, but also students with teachers. This is beneficial because when students feel close to their teachers, and hold respect for them, they are more likely to be better behaved in the classroom and put in 100% at all times – allowing for a better education.


Increasing Empathy and Seeing New People and Places


  • Children and teenagers, in particular those in high school typically are known to spend a lot of time in their friend circles, which are generally made up of other similarly aged people with similar characteristics and interests. It is understandable that children do this, as it assists in confidence building and can help them to identify who they are. However, by school-tripping abroad and seeing new places and people, students are able to build empathy and compassion for others.
  • School trips abroad can provide students with the chance to make friends from another country, who they can later become pen pals.
  • School trips can provide children with the opportunity to see sights in which they otherwise may not have the chance to see – in some cases building and monuments in which they have learnt about previously in the classroom.

What are your thoughts about school trips abroad? We would love to hear what you think!


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