Six Points for Women in Shooting

Are you a female and wanting to find a perfect sport which suits you? Don’t feel like you can’t do a certain sport because it is seen as a ‘man’s sport’ because there is no such thing. Want to play football? Play it. Want to play rugby or cricket? Play it. Want to go shooting? Do it. There are plenty of sports which you can pick from which are suitable for all kinds of people.

Shooting has been around for numerous years and is one of the most important sports for boosting both your mental and physical health. If you would like to join a sport which helps you focus, improves your hand-eye coordination and overall builds your strength and stamina up then shooting is the sport for you.

Many people associate shooting sports with men however, the sport has now welcomed a wide variety of people, which include women. So if you’re a woman then these are the tips you need to follow when shooting:

  1. First thing is first you need to establish which shooting sport you’re going to be going into. Is it hunting? Clay pigeon shooting? Or perhaps its having fun playing an airsoft game. This is entirely up to you; however, it is important to make sure that you get fitted for the right gun. Ask and expert and always make sure that the gun fits you properly to avoid and injury from occurring.
  2. Know all the laws and guidelines of the sport you’re going into. There any many ways to find out, ask an expert, read articles and even the Gov website has information on for you.
  3. When looking around for a shooting club make sure you pick the best one for you, this doesn’t mean the nearest one to your home. Finding the right club for you requires a lot of looking around the facilities and talking to already existing members, because after all you want to be somewhere with like-minded people.
  4. Before going to any competitions or events we strongly advise you to practice, which means you should go to a shooting range and show off your skills and improve them. This can be equally as fun as the real thing too!
  5. Make sure you have all the safety equipment. Which means glasses, ear muffs and any other safety equipment or clothing which is required with your sport. When walking and standing with the gun always point the barrel of the gun at the floor until you should always acknowledge your surrounding before taking a shot.
  6. If hunting is the sport you’re angling towards then we advise for you to wear suitable clothing. Meaning comfortable trousers and shirt and waterproofs!

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