Six Types of Hydroponic Systems to Consider

With many different options and solutions available when considering growing hydroponically using a grow tent, it can sometimes be difficult for people to determine which is best for their individual needs and requirements. Today we are going to briefly introduce some of the different types of hydroponics systems available on today’s market, with the ultimate aim of providing people with the information needed in order for them to make the best, most informed decisions…

grow tent

Wick Hydroponics

Wick hydroponic systems are probably the most simplistic type – requiring no electricity, aerators or pumps. In the majority of these systems plants are strategically placed in absorbent grow mediums with a nylon “wick” running from a plants roots into a reservoir full of nutrient solutions.  This system utilises the wick carefully to allow the nutrient rich water to get to the pant. These systems work great for small plants and herbs, but are not ideal for plants that require lots of water.

Flood & Drain/Ebb & Flow Systems

These systems are very easy to set up and therefore are a popular choice for hydroponic beginners. When using these systems grow medium is placed in the grow bed which is then flooded with great nutrient solutions, which can then be drained at any point chosen by the grower. These systems allow for superior water and air movement over the roots, aiding faster growth times and more. These systems can grow a huge rage of plants and produce amazingly.

Nutrient Film Technique

Nutrient Film Technique otherwise known as NFT is typically used for growing plants with smaller roots. When opting to use this hydroponic growing method, plants are placed in tubes or channels with their roots dangling out into hydroponics solution. These systems are slanted slightly to allow water to run through the plants roots into a reservoir so that it can later be reused. Herbs and leafy vegetable such as lettuces strive when grown using these systems.

Deep Water Culture

This is a very simple and effective method of hydroponics in which plants roots are suspended in a nutrient rich water with air also provided directly to roots simultaneously. When growing using this method plants roots grow quickly and in abundance and this method is advised for those who are considering growing plants in which produce larger fruits.

Drip Hydroponics

Drip Hydroponics are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial growers. These systems are easily manipulated, allowing for not only the most ideal conditions to be created but for these conditions also to be changed easily at regular intervals. When growing using these systems nutrient solutions are generally run through individual tubes that then drips onto a plants roots before going back into the reservoir, with this process repeating itself over and over again.



Although a lot of people don’t consider aeroponics to be part of the hydroponics gang – it is definitely a process that doesn’t use soil, so today we are going to include it. Aeroponics works by plants being suspended in the air, while nutrient rich solutions are sprayed or misted over them. It is an incredibly advanced and innovative method of growing which allows for plants roots to absorb solutions very quickly.

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