Some high-adrenaline sports to get involved with

The same old sporting opportunities of football, cricket and netball can become monotonous after a while. Some people seem to think that ‘sport’ only consists of these traditional team games and little else otherwise. They are wrong! In fact, there are a high number of sports which are suitable for individuals rather than group-focused and have a thrilling element; seriously high-adrenaline. The ability to be your own boss and do something different is a great feeling, so why not consider some of our fuelled-up options:

Ideas for you to try

  • Ice skating – this doesn’t have to be a winter activity; as there are opportunities and arenas across the country where you can skate indoors, and often for only a small price too. You may not at first think ice-skating is a sport, but people do take part in competitions, as performing routines on the slippery surface requires a great amount of skill and fitness. Plus you could even take things to the next level and give ice hockey a go!
  • Archery – this is a traditional sport which involves strength and aim. Pulling a bow back could be considered high-adrenaline in itself, as actually requires a lot more muscle than you may first think! Plus being able to fire arrows at a target is of course thrilling
  • Air gunning – another energising way you can train your levels of accuracy by shooting a target through using an air gun. The 177 air rifle is a model which is currently popular and allows for fast-fire and ease of use, all in one convenient unit

177 air rifle



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