Three Creative CCTV System Uses

When it comes to CCTV of course the ultimate use is to deter burglars and catch criminal activity however, there are many reasons why CCTV is great and here are three alternative reasons why some people within the UK are using it…


  1. To keep an eye on children and pets. Whether you are in the house or away from home, at work for example, CCTV will allow you to have peace of mind whilst keeping an eye on your children and pets.
  2. To give elderly family members independence. As people get older, they usually need some supervision and CCTV cameras can allow them to have the independence in which they crave as family members can keep an eye on them from their own homes without making them feel like they have a babysitter.
  3. To document the life of families. CCTV footage can contribute to digital memories, recording birthdays, parties, Christmases and special occasions, which can then be put onto DVD or computers to remember for a long time to come.

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