Wales’ first indoor airsoft ‘war games’ centre could be on its way!

An airsoft centre in which will allow people to use BB guns to recreate war games could be opening at a Cardiff industrial estate.

 BB guns

An application has been submitted to St Catherine Park Industrial Estate with a request to build Wales’ first permanent airsoft centre – If accepted the airsofters of Wales’ and even further afield will be able to enjoy military themed games using replica firearms that fire BB pellets. There are already a number of outdoor airsoft centres across Wales, but this would be the first indoor centre in the area to host the sport.

The building that the request has been submitted to has been empty for seven years now, despite letting agents trying their best to find tenants – so many think that this is going to be accepted. The proposed development is set to go before the council’s planning committee in Cardiff and many are already eagerly waiting for them to come to a decision, crossing their fingers and toes in hope that the scheme is going to get the thumbs up!

Are you ready?

If you’re an airsofter located in Wales, or perhaps you aren’t but are looking to take up the sport or visit the area – it is important that you ensure you have all the equipment ready so that you can get started right away if and when the new centre opens.

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