Want to Redecorate? Well Now You Know How

Many people get bored of living in their home solely because they’re used to seeing what it looks like and want something different. Well you’re in luck! We’re going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to change and redecorate to make your house look more exciting and inviting.

people decorating

Tips on how to decorate your home:

  1. You can buy more accessories and display them in your home, for example vases or antique dishes, this is a cheap way of changing the décor of your home.
  2. Another simple and inexpensive way to make a difference to your home is to buy new curtains and bedding, if you have a plain room you can change the look of it by adding new exciting accessories, mix and match bedding is a popular one.
  3. There are a lot of quirky ways to decorate your home, for example many people choose to attach mirrors or plates on the wall and create into a design.
  4. Move the furniture around, many people choose to move it away from the wall to make the room look bigger, and it also gives it a modern twist.
  5. Move art away from the wall and hang it on something else, for example, a bookshelf.
  6. Why not take a pair of old curtains you don’t use anymore and use it to decorate a chair or make it into a rug or something else creative?
  7. Many people are now using the mix and match theme for a variety of themes, some being bedding and even some people are pushing the boat out and using different chairs, this doesn’t just give it a quirky vibe but also makes it look modern and up to date with the style. The best thing about this is that you can make your dining room look modern and brand new in seconds by simply moving a few chairs around and buying some new ones.
  8. Feature walls are common in a lot of people’s homes but why not make your home unique and paint half on your wall, obviously the two colour have to look good together and not be too contrasting but if done correctly it can be a great twist.
  9. Like previously noted feature walls are extremely common, so why not take it even smaller than just one wall and wallpaper a small patch, this can look extremely effective in smaller, more neutral rooms.
  10. Add a fireplace. Fireplaces are a great way of changing the décor of a room, not only does it bring warmth and give the room a homely atmosphere but you can get a fireplace which suits the type of theme you’re going for. Whether it is a modern theme or an old theme there are plenty of fireplaces to pick from, one of the most popular one being the antique marble fireplaces.
  11. If your home or a specific room in your home is quite neutral then why not add something which stands out, for example a piece of vibrant art or you could just simply buy some accessories with colour so they stand out.

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