What you may not know about Rochdale

It’s an industrial town in the North of England, and not far from Manchester, but what else to say about Rochdale? Well there are actually some interesting things to think about regarding the area; which played an important role in the industrial revolution.

 Did you know? Some pieces of history

  • There have been early references to Rochdale and the surrounding areas as early as William the Conqueror! How so? Well, Rochdale appears referred to as ‘Recedham’ in the Domesday Book
  • Rochdale then became a market town in the medieval period and held weekly markets
  • Rochdale was considered a ‘boom town’ of the industrial revolution – in that it expanded suddenly and grew greatly. Especially in the nineteenth century. Industrial establishments included bleachers, dyers and silk manufacturers; not bad for a place that was a town rather than a city!
  • Notable reformer and member of the Anti-Corn Law League John Bright, was born in Rochdale. In fact, the town could be known for its socially inspired people and places. The first cooperative shop was opened on Toad Lane by the Rochdale Pioneers in 1844

Food for thought


Therefore Rochdale is a town which clearly holds some big traditions and past inspirations. Today the past and present is brought together in a form of catering which is now taking the town by storm; hog roasts! This form of roasting pork, over a spit allows for a delectable and succulent meat that melts in the mouth and is particularly known for its popularity in Rochdale. A traditional Rochdale hog roast company, The Pendle Pig brings together a culinary experience that is rich in history and loved by all.

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